Dental Implants

At AAURA Dental we specialise in dental implants, having treated extensive amounts of cases, both local patients and from further afield, travelling internationally for our expertise and services. Our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, passionate staff, and the latest materials. Quality, predictability, and patient safety are of our upmost importance, and personal and clinical investments are made regularly to keep our clinics and knowledge up to date with the latest techniques and technology to offer the highest quality service. Our personal passion for implant dentistry and genuine care for our patients is what keeps us at the top our game and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Alongside our experienced and highly skilled staff, our facilities and technology support us to provide complicated treatments with ease. We offer all types of implant treatment to cover any problems you may have, from single implants to full arch implant bridges.

Single Implants

Appropriate for a small gap, a lost tooth, or unrestorable tooth, a single implant could be a perfect solution, without the need to touch adjacent teeth whilst filling the gap.

Implant Bridge

For larger gaps where several teeth are missing or failing, an implant supported bridge is a suitable solution. As a guide two implants can hold three teeth, however this depends on the individual case and would be discussed by your surgeon for the most appropriate solution.

Implant Denture

Also known as an “overdenture”, is a denture which is fixed on implants, offering a better solution for clients who may have ill-fitting dentures or difficulties eating with existing dentures. There is no movement with dental implants, so your denture snaps on easily, and can be snapped out daily for cleaning. This treatment is a comfortable solution to dentures and very popular with our clients, with an exceptionally high satisfaction level, offering a noticeable improvement in your daily life.

Full Arch Implant Bridge

For a full makeover of the top or bottom jaw, 6-8 implants will be placed, and a full set of new teeth fitted on to them. The teeth are fixed and offer full form and function, whilst looking natural. A full clinical examination and radiographic assessment will be done prior to your treatment to carefully plan the best course of action.

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a common surgical procedure, lifting the sinus membrane to make space for new bone and an implant. This is particularly helpful when teeth have been lost at the back of the top jaw and the bone has shrunk which can make implant treatment challenging. Performing a sinus lift, either small, medium, or large, depending on the amount of existing bone present, ensures we can place longer and stronger implants for long lasting, comfortable results.

Bone Regeneration

If the existing amount of bone is either completely or partially insufficient for dental implants, we can proceed with a bone regeneration. After a 3D scan of the existing bone we can build up the bone prior or during implant treatment, this will be carefully assessed and planned by your surgeon and 100% biocompatible and tissue friendly materials will be used to regenerate the bone.


Consultation and

Implant Installation

Healing time

Teeth on implants

Consultation and 3D-Scan

1) All procedures will start with an initial consultation, where your surgeon will perform a clinical examination and a 3D scan, assessing the site and the bone volume to ensure accurate planning of your treatment.

Implant Installation

2) You will receive a written estimate for the cost of treatment, which upon acceptance a first appointment will be booked for the installation of the implants agreed.

Healing time

3) After your first installation appointment the surgeon will decide the length of recovery time you will need for the implants to heal inside the jawbone, before the second part of the treatment can continue. This is usually 3 months but can vary.

Teeth on implants

4) Finally, you will undergo prosthetic work, impressions will be taken for the fabrication and fitting of the actual teeth, on top of the already integrated implants.

Treatment can be performed at any of our clinics, however; our 3D scanner is located at our specialist implant clinic in Fuengirola. For more information, please follow the following link to our dedicated page for The Implant Clinic.