The Key to Gum Health Restoration

Periodontal Surgery

The gums are an often overlooked but crucial part of your oral health. Even though the soft skin might seem delicate, it does a lot to protect your teeth and jawbone. If your gums get infected or are not cared for properly, you could end up suffering with periodontal disease (periodontitis). It can affect the health of your gums as well as the rest of your mouth due to bacteria spreading and inflammation. Fortunately, periodontal surgery can prevent further deterioration and it can even help reverse the damage that has already been done.

Periodontal surgery, also known as gum surgery, is an oral procedure that treats infected gum disease. The surgery is typically carried out by a periodontist: a dental specialist who focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases that affect the gums and other structures supporting the teeth. At AAURA Dental in Marbella, Estepona and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, we specialise in a variety of complex oral procedures, carried out by our experienced oral surgeons providing the highest quality of care.

Common Causes and Risks

If you’re oral health starts to deteriorate, it could potentially be caused by some of these factors:

  1. Unbalanced diet with too much sugar: Too much sugar can negatively affect your teeth.
  2. Smoking: Tobacco affects your overall health just as much as your oral health.
  3. Gingivitis (the mildest version of periodontitis)
  4. Insufficient oral health: Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss and use mouth water to rinse.
  5. Irregular dentist check-ups.

Symptoms and Effects

More often than not, the early signs of periodontal disease start with the collection of tooth plaque. It is a sticky consistency made up of bacteria that starts to form on your teeth. When plaque is not removed, it can turn into something that is called ‘tartar’, which forms underneath your gumline and can only be removed by a professional dentist.

It may sound a little scary, but these symptoms could signal the start of the mildest version of periodontitis. Symptoms may vary per person, but in many patients, the gums start to irritate, or they get swollen. This can be very painful and that’s why it’s so important to arrange regular dental visits into your routine before it results in periodontitis.

Due to the inflammation and irritation, gingivitis can turn into periodontal disease. Over time, this process leads to the development of deep pockets between your gums and teeth. These pockets gradually collect plaque, tartar, and bacteria, increasing in depth over time. If left untreated, these deep-seated infections result in tissue and bone loss, potentially leading to the loss of one or multiple teeth. Additionally, persistent inflammation can put a strain on your immune system as well as your oral health.

Periodontal Surgery

Fortunately, with a simple oral care routine and regular dentist check-ups, you can help prevent any painful diseases from occurring. If you do happen to be a candidate for periodontal surgery, there are different procedures for different kinds of conditions.

Flap surgery is the most common dental surgery that is performed when experiencing periodontitis. Once local anaesthesia has taken effect, a small cut is made to separate the gums from the teeth. The outer gum tissue is folded back to allow access to the roots, the supporting ligament, and the bone tissue. Subsequently, any inflamed gum tissue can be removed, and a thorough cleaning of the tooth’s roots is conducted. In some cases, antibiotics or other medications may be applied to the area to aid healing.

In situations where gum disease has affected the bone around your tooth’s root, your dentist might need to use a bone graft to replace it. Bone grafts are produced using small sections of your bone, a synthetic substitute, or a donated bone. Bone grafting aims to prevent tooth loss and potentially stimulate the natural regrowth of bone.

Why Choose AAURA Dental?

Oral surgery represents a specialised branch within dentistry focused on addressing difficult dental issues. In our dental clinic, we acknowledge that oral surgery might seem intimidating to many patients, so we prioritise ensuring every patient feels at ease and assured of receiving comfortable, considerate care from our professional team.

At AAURA Dental, our primary goal is to deliver exceptional care to each and every patient who walks through our doors. If you require oral surgery services, or if you’re looking for a simple dental check-up, we invite you to arrange a consultation with our team in Estepona, Marbella or Fuengirola in Spain or Stockholm in Sweden. Discover how we can assist you in attaining a healthy, radiant smile. Rest assured, our expertise and commitment ensure you’re in capable hands with us.

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